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Monday, May 29, 2017

Latest Posts

5 Ways Copper can Benefit Your Whole Family

It doesn’t matter what kind of family you have, all that matters is making sure everyone is cared for. However, we can’t always keep them safe, and the worst nightmares often revolve around illnesses. Something like a simple hospital operation or diabetes can turn yours and your family’s life upside down. TV’s Dr Hilary Jones is backing a young inventor Amber McCleary who saved her friend after she contracted MRSA after childbirth and was then featured in the Daily Mail The same Copper Cloth .......Read the full Copper Clothing article...

David's Story

David has been a type 1 diabetic for 33 years which means he often suffers from a fungal foot infection called Pompholyx eczema. This means he gets serious and painful blisters on his feet that last for days and flare up again just as quickly. His father’s wife was the one who introduced him to Copper Clothing as they knew how painful it was for David with his condition. David told us just how Copper socks had helped control his condition, and said after 33 years he ‘remembered what feet were supposed to feel like’ when the so .......Read the full Copper Clothing article...

Freda's Story

We were fortunate enough to speak to the lovely Freda who has tested out Copper Clothing pyjamas for herself. Freda is 76, has survived skin cancer and has been in remission for over 16 years now, but when she was told she would have to go in for some skin grafts on her legs and hands, she knew she would get an infection. She always did. It wasn’t actually Freda who found out about copper clothing, it was her youngest daughter who saw copper clothing on the TV. But Freda wasn’t sold on the idea, she couldn’t believe such a pr .......Read the full Copper Clothing article...

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